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Powerful Email Marketing

Your Portal Comms includes an incredibly powerful yet easy to use email marketing mechanism. Send dozens, hundreds or thousands of beautiful, professional HTML email newsletters to specific, targeted groups, and then track the open, forward and click-through rates with ease.

Email marketing is used effectively by millions of businesses worldwide. Your Portal Comms is here to let you do the same, at the most cost-effective level in Australia. No joke.

Your Portal will work closely with you to give you the ability to send highly professional and effective email marketing campaigns to your whole database, or specifically tailored segments of it with ease. We have a powerful online marketing platform that will give you a suite of cutting-edge features, all easily usable at the click of a button. Send out special offers, the latest news, surveys, expert advice and product or service offerings to your audience to promote your business and keep your brand fresh in their mind.

Incredibly easy email creation and sending
- no technical or HTML experience needed. Create rich, beautiful emails with text, headings, images and links however you choose in a matter of minutes with no fuss. Use our in-built templates, or create your own from scratch. Add your own logo, branding and colour schemes easily

Grow and maintain your email database
Import your own contacts or watch your database grow through automatic subscriptions through your website. Bounce management and automatic unsubscriptions keep your data clean and current. Viral campaigns, surveys, picture galleries, referrals and competitions can all be used to increase your database numbers. Subscribers can update their own details at any time.

Segment your database using SmartLists
Your Portal's SmartList technology is quite literally the most advanced email database searching and segmenting software available to small and medium-size business. Completed in August 2010, it allows you to easily create new, specific targeted groups (or SmartLists) based on any combination of name, email address, company, location, gender, date of birth, date of subscription or any other data you specify. You can then target these granular groups and send specifically tailored emails to them in minutes. Super-easy. Super-powerful.

Send with confidence when you want without even watching
When you are ready to send your newsletter, you can send it straight away, or schedule it for a time you choose. You can even queue multiple email campaigns in a row, and they will send out when you specify.

Track the results in real time
Perhaps the most fun and beneficial part of email newsletter campaigns is tracking the results. With Your Portal Comms, you can observe the Send, Open, Bounce, Click-Through and Forward statistics and graphs, right down to the time and person receiving the email. This gives unprecedented ability to collate data on what works, what doesn't and how to adapt for your next campaign.

9-5 M-F email and phone support

As part of our service, you always have 9-5 M-F email and phone support from expert Your Portal staff members. We want you to get the most out of Your Portal, so we're always here to help.

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