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No Data Loss

With Your Portal Desktop, you have a 0% chance of data loss.

Your Portal Desktop keeps all of your data, applications, icons and settings 'in the cloud' - meaning on world-class servers in air-conditioned, blackout-proof security buildings, safe from harm.

Video: the security of Your Portal Desktop

Your Portal Desktop removes the need for businesses to buy, own, manage and operate capital intensive hardware because this hardware, and associated software, can be delivered to you as a service. You only pay for the services that you use.

Included with Your Portal Desktop are:

  • Development, Testing and Staging server environments
  • Multi-layered Disaster Recovery and Backup facilities and services
  • Professional grade Antivirus and Antispam software and procedures
  • World class enterprise grade Firewall, Hosting and Internet services   

Development, Test and Staging environments are available without the need to order, build and configure the hardware normally needed to set these up. Your business simply leverages this platform On-Demand.

Disaster Recovery, Backup systems, Security, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Firewalls are built, maintained and constantly upgraded to professional grade levels by experts dedicated to the job.

Industrial grade Hosting facilities and Internet connections ensures your applications and connectivity are run and managed at performance levels that few individual business could afford.

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