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Your Portal Desktop Technology and Benefits

Your Portal has created a network with vast IT experience including Intrapower, Rich IT, Inzen, Darlot Consulting and Bite IT.  We believe fully in the enabling power of technology.  With an understanding of your needs, we can direct you to the most appropriate resource and help you manage the issues and opportunities that IT provides.

One of those methods is Your Portal Desktop - a highly advanced technology that gives you complete access to all of your documents, data, programs, settings and icons on any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. The benefits should be obvious - you have you business follow you wherever you go, have complete and immediate access to all your business functions, have 0% chance of data loss and eliminate the hassle of lugging around a specific laptop or computer and ensuring files exist on certain devices.

Video: Benefits of Your Portal Desktop

Your Portal Desktop sits on top of the same most advanced technology in the world - Citrix. Your Portal Desktop can run on a 'thin client' (meaning a low-powered, dumb computer with no actual applications on it), your laptop, or pretty much any web- and browser-enabled device.

All of your data, applications, settings and documents sit in 'the cloud' (which translates to 'multiply-redundant, extremely-powerful servers in blackout-proof air-conditioned security buildings connected to the internet at extremely high speed'). Because 'the cloud' is a part of the internet, your data and programs are accessible anywhere, anytime, easily.

No more lost files, no more 'can you email me this', no more 'oh, sorry, I can't do that here, I don't have my computer'. You business and all of its power will be with you wherever you choose.

For a fraction of the price.

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