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Your Portal Team
The Your Portal team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds that complement one another.  With a generation of age between each consultant they bring a unique combined perspective.  Obviously, any consultancy we engage in provides value, but when a consultancy client also uses our back-office we are able to do an even better job with faster implementation and better follow up.

Ken Lipschitz - Executive Director and CEO
Ken is CEO of Your Portal. He is involved in the daily operations of Your Portal, and assumes responsibility for the supervision of the accounting function. He was formerly CEO of Electronic Trading Concepts Pty Ltd, providers of consultant, advisory and professional services, recently sold as part of an IPO plan. He is a former Director of David Jones and a Group V-P of Household International in Australia and Canada.  Ken has all major accounting qualifications and an MBA, is Director of 12 private companies and has 40+ years in-the-field experience.



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