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Case Study: Medical

Company Matrix Healthcare
Contact Julie George
Position Operations Manager
Client Since 2006
Services CFO Services, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Compliance

My staff are very grateful for the services of Your Portal and cannot speak highly enough of the Team.

Having worked with Your Portal in previous employment it became very evident to me when I joined Matrix Healthcare in 2006 that this would be a necessary step for this group to take to improve productivity of the staff and the profitability of the business.

Whilst I was very confident that the transition from a VERY manual accounts department to Your Portal would be smooth this was not the case with many of my staff all a bit fearful of the unknown.

Once the Your Portal team provided the training and support things very quickly started to improve which left my staff free to do their job – look after the doctors and patients in their clinics. Four years on, my staff are very grateful for the services of Your Portal and cannot speak highly enough of the Team who have become part of the Matrix Family.

The Board of Directors are also very impressed by the quality of financial reporting – not only clearly present and accurate but also in an appropriate time frame. It is very comforting to have such a friendly team of experts looking after the back office of Matrix.

Personally, I would never consider running a business without these guys – they are on the ball, offer advice and provide great service for a great price.

Julie George

Operations Manager

Matrix Healthcare P/L

Julie George - Matrix Healthcare - Case Study Julie George
Operations Manager
Matrix Healthcare Pty Ltd

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