CEO Consulting

Your Portal can work on either a per hour basis or fixed contract, depending on what is required.  We have experience in managing the following types of projects:

1. Strategy

Start-Up “Tribes” Survival (“entrepreneur triage”) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Spin-off Social Media Networks Turn-around Holistic Management
New Technology Launches Web 2.0

2. Business Planning

Your Portal provides a range of services from overviewing an existing business plan right through to the creation of a full and comprehensive new business plan.  Our business plans take into account:

  • Human Resources, Recruiting, Training, Leadership and Management
  • Production, Operations, Systems Development and Deployment and Resource Management
  • Business Development, Sales and Marketing
  • Planning, IT, Telephony and Website Development
  • Financial Modeling / Forecasting

3. Mentoring / Coaching

Being the CEO of any business can be a weighty experience.  It is possible that you can develop a sense of isolation or loneliness.  It is also possible that you can create a sense of tunnel vision or ‘impossible pressure’.  Having a mentor that has stood in those same shoes is highly valuable.  At Your Portal we can provide formal and informal mentoring on an as-needs basis.  To discuss Contact Us