We Help You Clean Up The Mess

We understand. If you’re thinking of coming on-board with Your Portal Accounts, you may be embarrassed by the questions below.

Don’t be – we’ve seen it all.

We don’t care about what state your accounts and administration processes are in now.  We are only interested in getting you out of the mess and up to date.  Once you are up to date, maintaining your financial and administration records is easy because of our processes.

Video: Ken Lipschitz explains why not to be embarrassed by your books

Can you help if my financial administration is a mess?
Of course. That’s what we’re here for. Some business people are just not that into bookkeeping and administration. This administrative ‘neglect’ often holds them back, but more importantly, it puts undue pressure on the owner. This pressure often builds in the back of the mind as a series of nagging doubts like: “What is my real position?”, “Am I up to date with my…?” or “What was it I was meant to do…?” We can put all of these doubts to rest and ensure your finances and administration are running smoothly and profitably.

We just kind of evolved and now have peculiar ownership?
We understand that some stakeholders in a small business are bound only by verbal contracts and others are more formalised. We ‘get’ the close personal relationships between founders and early-stage employees. We understand arrangements from ‘investors’ that are found within the family circle of the small business owner. Whatever your arrangement, we can help you.

Note: We can also sort out new structures for you. More…

Can you help if we currently have cashflow difficulty?
We understand that any business can have cash flow issues and that any business can also be turned around. If you want to turn your business around we can assist by combining our efficiencies with yours.

We don’t judge – we just administer and add value.

Video: Ken Lipschitz explains how Your Portal Accounts can help your business in bad times

Your Portal can help you to make sure agreements are handled professionally. No matter what arrangements or issues may arise for the business, we all know that the situation is made better with a full understanding of the information.

“Non-conventional small businesses are the conventional small business”

Hewlett Packard Executive in 2002 after HP spent an estimated US $500m on reaching the Australian SME market.