Management Consulting

Consulting (Cost and Core)

Cost Reduction Consulting This service shows you exactly how and where to save money in your small business. To start the Cost Reduction Consultation process click here.

Special Consulting

As an alternative Board – Company Secretarial, Governance and Compliance
As an alternative CEO – Strategy, Business Planning, Mentoring
As an alternative CFO – Capital Raising, Modelling, Structuring
As an alternative Manager – Project Management

As a Your Portal client you can draw on our wealth of experience. Our fees are affordable for small business clients. Especially if you are an existing client, our intimate knowledge of your accounts and business means we take less time in explanation by comparison to hiring external consultants (who need to learn your business).

When you trust us your back-office to us we are able to do it better and cheaper than almost any other realistic alternative. This frees you and your cash up for higher value activities.

In order to give you value (as a small business owner) Your Portal provides a better and different approach to consulting. We have a ‘cut-the-bull’ philosophy to business planning and use the knowledge and experience gained from working with so many clients to assist each client (always keeping in mind our responsibility to confidentiality).

Core Consulting

Clients benefit from the following consultancy services.

Boardroom Consulting

  • Company insolvency advice
  • Company secretarial services
  • Compliance and governance advice or participation

Chief Executive Officer Consulting

  • Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Mentoring and Coaching

Chief Financial Officer Consulting

  • Financial Modelling
  • Structuring
  • Capital Raising

Management Consulting

  • Project Manangement

Cost Reduction Consulting

Your Portal offers to existing and potential clients Cost Reduction Consultation. At this consultation clients learn exactly where and how to implement cost-saving strategies in their business. You walk away with defined cost reductions that translate to savings that you put in your pocket. Apply here

Project Management

Client’s receive work on either a per hour basis or fixed contract, depending on what is required. We have experience in managing the following projects:

Human Resources, Recruiting, Training, Leadership and Management
Production, Operations, Systems Development and deployment and Resource Management
Business Development, Sales and Marketing
Planning, IT, Telephony and Website Development
Offshoring and Outsourcing

Recent Examples

Recent collaborations within our network have seen clients integrate VoIP telephony systems. In one specific case the client received a better telephony system and cut their phone bill by 65%. The capital payback period on the phone equipment (new phones were purchased) was just 2 months of savings on their phone bill.

Other collaborations with Deacons Lawyers have proven important in resolving situations that were difficult for the client to handle on their own. By bringing Your Portal and Deacons into the picture the issues were resolved quickly and fairly.

Ring now (02) 8214 2533 (calling from Australia) to discuss your situation.