Anti Spam & Anti Virus

Protect and Secure
With the growth of the Internet it is now easier to connect to information and networks globally. Unfortunately as a result of this increased connectivity, the threats from malicious software, hackers and automated “bots” are also increased. The types of threats have also become more diversified and can come from activities such as email, web browsing, file downloads or even connecting to a wireless network.

What is Antivirus and Antispam?
Antivirus is software that protects your information and data from malicious code or actions from unauthorised sources. It helps protects your system by scanning periodically and in real-time the information being transmitted or saved and checks against known patterns to determined if a threat exists. These patterns are constantly and automatically updated to ensure you have the best protection available.

Antispam helps prevent unauthorised and unsolicited email transmissions from ending up in your mailbox. According to MessageLabs, almost 75% of all email traffic today is classed as spam. Without an effective Antispam solution this can result in compromised security or a significant loss of productivity for your organisation.

What are the Benefits of Antivirus and Antispam?
Having effective Antivirus and Antispam solutions in-place provides numerous benefits to any organisation. With our enterprise grade Antivirus and Antispam solutions the following benefits are achieved:

  • Virus and worm detection and removal
  • Spyware detection and removal
  • Macro virus detection and removal
  • Browser exploit protection and phishing attack detection
  • Automatic updates
  • User configurable options (self management)
  • Protection and Removal of email-borne viruses and attacks
  • Configurable white and blacklists