CFO Consulting

…there is no right way to do the wrong things

If you are already a client with us via our back-office core service then we know your business and have an inherent understanding of it. This means we react faster if you require support in case of crisis or opportunity.

We have a wide range of resources within our network that we can draw upon – very often resources that you are not able to access. We offer customised charge rates depending on the nature of the project. Our CFO services can be accessed by non-back-office clients at competitive rates.

We offer CFO Services in the following areas:

1. Financial Modeling

Clients come to us to assist them with the creation of a forecast or financial model. This may be required as part of a capital raising, bank loan application, export market development grant (EMDG) or liability repayment plan.

2. Structuring and Business Planning

We have a ‘cut-the-bull’ philosophy and extensive experience in business planning. We will assist you in creating a business strategy that works to your strengths. From this overview we are great at detailing the action plans, resource plans and sales plans – then mapping the business impacts across the organisation. In other words, we can create a business plan that describes how to achieve your financial projections. More…

To find out more about your structuring options – regardless of whether you are an independent contractor, small business or larger business.

Note: Business planning, forecasting and modeling services will vary depending on the scope of the project.

3. Capital Raising

…raising capital is an art and a science

The team at Your Portal has raised millions in capital in their careers. This in-the-field knowledge helps us raise money via:

  • Angel Investor Networks
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Venture Capital
  • Syndicates – investments made by groups of smaller investors grouped together
  • Listings on the secondary stock exchanges such as the NSX

Note: Many small businesses think they need to raise capital, when, in fact, they can reach their goals without it. Capital Raising should be attempted by those only with a legitimate need and a capacity and willingness to repay investors at a premium. Talk with us now.