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On-Demand, Simple and Affordable IP Telephony and Mobility Solutions.

Communication should be simple, easy, high quality and reliable. Whilst innovation has introduced an array of new technologies into the marketplace, many of these technologies remain highly complex; very expensive; and often don’t deliver the promised cost reductions and improved quality of service promised. Costs spiral, service reduces and time is lost.

Negotiating, contracting and managing separate telephone, mobile and data suppliers and receiving separate bills increases major administration costs for businesses and provide no benefit from a consolidated spend.  New technology can support businesses who want to succeed but it needs to be well designed and properly implemented.

What Voice & Mobility Services do we Provide? 
Our voice solutions are based upon enterprise grade managed voice systems that simplify your voice and data network requirements without ever touching the Internet.  We aim to reduce or eliminate the requirement for you to use traditional telephony systems, such as locally installed ISDN /PSTN lines, by connecting you (or your PBX if you have one) directly to our network based professional voice equipment.  It makes no sense to pay for separate voice & data networks when you can get both features on the one network, while reducing costs and taking advantage of very competitive call rates.

To support what is commonly becoming a fluid workforce we also provide mobile data solutions that allow your staff to securely and effectively access the systems they need, from wherever they are.

The two diagrams below depict a traditional voice and data network environment and our fully converged voice and data network service.

What are the Benefits of our Voice and Data Services?
Our service provides a simple, efficient and cost effective means to address all your telephony and mobility requirements with solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

By using us you will achieve the following benefits:

  • Private and secure voice and mobility services without ever touching the Internet
  • Business grade quality that avoids the pain of slow performance, reliability and security risks associated with Internet based solutions
  • Single point of contact for your voice and data requirements simplifying support
  • Single bill
  • Solutions engineered to fit your business
  • Access to a highly resilient core network to reduce risk and maximise performance

Business Grade, Affordable IP Telephony Solutions
Being able to communicate with your customers and staff is a crucial factor in your businesses success.  Often the solutions available today are provided in a piecemeal fashion, usually focused solely on equipment being provided rather than your business requirements.  Our voice solutions are driven towards providing cost efficiencies; the phone features you need; great call rates; and all are designed to fit within the existing equipment you may or may not have.

What is Hosted Voice?
Our Hosted Voice service provides businesses that have no existing PABX or telephony equipment with a centralised managed PABX service. This allows your business to lower costs while gaining access to enhanced features and capabilities found on enterprise class voice systems.

The service is centrally hosted within our Managed Voice Platform where your business is configured with its own virtual PABX instance and associated services.  Telephone access is provided to each user via standard IP based telephone handsets.  Hosted Voice is multi-site capable, allowing multiple physical sites to co-exist within one service with the ability to dial inter-site by extension number and transfer calls between sites just as if the remote user was at the same location.

This totally eliminates the need to install, maintain and configure a traditional PABX locally at each site.

What are the Benefits of Hosted Voice?
The following benefits are delivered as part of the hosted voice solution:

  • Next generation Managed Voice Platform with enterprise class features
  • No need to purchase expensive PABX equipment for each site
  • Web based controls
  • Single bill for all sites / extensions
  • The ability to have no up-front implementation costs
  • Ability to provide localised PABX call features across all your sites
  • Competitive call rates

Hosted PBX
A new phone system is a critical element of your business. You can’t afford to make a mistake but you also know that you need to have technology and features that will help you expand as well as a system that can grow with your success.

Telegate offers state of the art PBX hosting services with all the features you would expect and require to run your mission critical communications. These features include:

  • Fully managed and hosted platform
  • Rapid Deployment & Setup
  • Time of day routing
  • Fully Scalable
  • On hold music
  • Ring Groups / Line Hunts
  • IVR
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Follow Me
  • Low initial investment
  • Direct Inward Dial Numbers
  • Flexible Incoming and Outgoing Caller ID

All hosted PBX solutions provided by Telegate are custom designed and configured around your business and it’s needs. Telegate Hosted PBX services aim to lower the cost of your phone system while providing many advanced features that make your business more productive and efficient.

Sound like we’ve got all the bases covered?

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