Effortless Website Control

Your Portal Comms allows you to have full control of every aspect of your website using a powerful online tool called a Content Management System.

What is Content Management?
Content Management is being able to control all of the content (text, pictures, links, downloads) on a website. A Content Management System is a piece of software that gives you, the business owner or manager, total control of your web presence.

Why Use Content Management?
Content Management Systems save you time and money. They negate the need to use a third-party designer, coder or web-savvy person to update your website or promote your business through email newsletters, which is usually a timely and costly exercise, often with bouncing back and forth with mistakes and corrections. Having the ability to do this yourself allows you to easily and frequently leverage your web presence as a powerful marketing tool to increase exposure and sales.

What does Your Portal offer?
Your Portal offers Kaboodle – a world-class Content Management system. Kaboodle has been developed over the past eight years, mainly based on client requests. It is exceptionally easy to use and incredibly powerful, boasting a large array of modules that 95% of businesses need. Kaboodle is a hosted product, so it is available anytime, anywhere over the web. Your Portal provides 9-5 M-F phone and email support on top of this, as well as friendly advice on how best to market your business should you need it.

It allows you to add, update and delete any and all content from your website instantly from anywhere in the world. No more waiting on third parties to respond to your requests.

Want to get found on Google?
Do you need to drive more traffic to your website and don’t know how?
Need to promote your business to your market at a low cost?
Need an online contact database?
Want to send out professional email newsletters?
Need to know how many people are looking at your website?
Need a company intranet?

Kaboodle does all of the above and more.

Easy to use
One of Kaboodle’s user interface screens Kaboodle features a ‘what you see is what you get’ page editor and simple, familiar interface that allows anyone with basic computer skills to perform all operations – whether it be creating or editing pages on the site, uploading pictures, creating links to both internal or external pages or anything else.

Safe and secure
Kaboodle boasts excellent data retention and security mechanisms – your entire website is backed up every 15 minutes, and in the event of making any greivous errors on your site, Your Portal can ‘roll back’ your site to any 15 minute interval since the site went live.

Quick and Powerful
Your website should be viewed as a dynamic entity which is continually updated to reflect your growing business. ‘Global styles’ in Kaboodle allow you to change the ‘look and feel’ of your entire site at the click of a button – change colours, fonts and all layout positionings in our granular but easy to understand CSS style sheets. When you need to respond to new market forces, or change the branding of your site, do it yourself, when you want, at no cost.

Get found quickly on Google TM
Kaboodle has been built so that Google will easily and quickly ‘spider’ every single page on your site, meaning that all public content in your site is viewed and assessed by Google. This allows your site to shoot up through the ranks on Google and all other major search engines.

Respond to your market
Kaboodle boasts an in-depth site statistics mechanism Kaboodle boasts a comprehensive integrated statistical analysis package that allows you to monitor traffic to specific articles and promotions. View your response rates online in real-time and dynamically tailor your response to maximise the return on your marketing campaigns. All as frequently as is required, all at no extra cost.

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