How can Your Portal to do my back-office transactions so cheaply?

Your Portal developed our custom software that schedules tasks, giving us our first level of efficiency. These tasks become actions that are traceable and provided to a specialist. The specialist is quicker because this is their core competency and gives a second efficiency. Actions taken by the specialist ‘pod member’ automatically update the relevant accounting software, providing another efficiency. Finally, by setting up a new client and their terms and cycles correctly we achieve ongoing efficiency. Compare this to the way you currently do your work. More…

My books are a total mess! How can I work with Your Portal?

Easy! Your Portal staff will work with you to help you clean up the mess. Once the issues have been resolved, working with Your Portal on a daily basis will mean that the “mess” does not re-appear. If necessary there may be some re-entry or backlog of data-processing that we have to handle. But that is just a normal back-office function. If applicable, there may be a backlog fee charged, but this will be mutually agreed. More…

How do I work with Your Portal on a day-to-day basis?

You have a direct line to Ken Lipschitz for CFO Advice, you have a dedicated accounting manager who understands your business needs and executes your transactions via the team of specialists within the ‘pod’ (as per your instructions). Transactions may be initiated via the secure website, fax, phone, email or in a meeting. Transactions may be on a regular cycle or ad-hoc.

All transactions appear in the Your Portal custom software and you can view the status of your transactions via our secure web site. You receive email confirmation on initiation and completion of all transactions.

Do I have to become a back-office client with you to get the other services?

No. Although obviously it helps us do a quicker and better job of any resourcing or consulting. Additionally we can assist with the rollout if we remain engaged in an ongoing basis.

If you have access to my bank accounts, what security is in place?

Bank account transaction limits are set by you to your level of comfort. Your Portal is merely a co-signatory to your account. We set up the transactions and you authorise them (as you probably already do internally now). Your Portal does not hold your assets and will only act on your instructions to make payments on your behalf. These terms are clearly set out in our ‘plain English’ contract.

Additionally, you have 24 x 7 access to your bank account transaction history enabling you to monitor all movements any time, anywhere.

Does Your Portal provide regular financial reporting on my business?

Your Portal provides unlimited financial reporting to clients. Regular reporting cycles or ad-hoc reports are produced at your direction. Regardless, we’ll send you a monthly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Aged Payables (if applicable) and Aged Receivables. Full financial reports and references for banks etc. can also be provided immediately on your request.

Why use Your Portal over more conventional book-keeping methods?

Your Portal has been designed specifically to allow operators to focus on, and grow, their core business activities, leaving the day-to-day business administration to a highly resourced dedicated team of professionals.

Your Portal combines technology with efficient internal processes and is able to achieve an economy of scale which is transferred to its clients directly, and with less expense than more traditional methods. Your Portal is a true partner that gives clients transactional efficiency with extensive knowledge, resources and advice.

Can I speak with a real person or is my only interaction with the web site?

Yes you can. Each Your Portal client is assigned a dedicated accounting manager who understands their client’s business needs and is responsible for the execution of all transactions on behalf of the client.

The accounting manager effectively operates as your ‘go to’ point. You can communicate with your personal account manager via the web interface or any other method you choose such as phone, fax, meeting or skype etc.

How does Your Portal affect my relationship with my accountant?

It is important to recognise that Your Portal, in fact, enhances your relationship with your accountant who is as happy as you are to graduate from a ‘shoebox’ full of receipts to a fully automated, real time electronic administration system that accurately creates accurate and timely information on BAS, cashflow, P&L, etc.

Your Portal allows your accountant to spend more time on their higher margin business and interact with you on a higher level. Your accountant can still administer your tax returns, etc, it’s just that their job is now easier given that Your Portal supplies them with perfectly prepared accounts at the appropriate times throughout any financial year.

If Your Portal sends my invoices, do you also collect monies owing?

Yes! Part of the core Your Portal service is the collection of receivables on your behalf and the subsequent deposit into your business bank account. Of course, you can always highlight customers you wish to collect from yourself, which may be an advantage in some areas of customer service.

My wife/husband does the book-keeping and it only takes an hour a day. Is Your Portal of benefit to me if?

Your Portal is as much about lifestyle as smart, efficient financial management, and five hours per week is a significant opening for you and/or your wife/husband to improve your lifestyle. And don’t forget the peace of mind attached to knowing that someone is taking care of all of your compliance and other statutory responsibilities.