Your Desktop Anywhere, Anytime

All your Voice, Office Productivity and Software Applications delivered securely and reliably. No hardware, No software, No Capital Expenditure, Lower Operating Costs

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Why Your Portal Desktop will save you money, time and stress

All too often Executive’s and Business Managers have to spend too much time and effort on ICT&T. Not only is your business drained of cash due to high Capital Expenditure to purchase, refresh and upgrade technology, high operating costs are a drain on resources and profits. Research shows that the annual cost of a maintaining a Desktop or PC is approximately three times its original purchase price!

Your desktop, PC and laptop are also one of the most vulnerable entry points into your corporate network, jeopardising your mission critical business software and information. In many cases, employees have the unrestricted ability to download files from the Internet copy data from DVD’s and CD’s and use unauthorised USB devices. There’s a high cost associated with repairing a damaged PC or replacing a stolen laptop where valuable customer information is stored locally and not backed-up.

Desktop On-Demand removes the inherent risk and vulnerability of desktop computing, cost and pain of traditional Voice solutions whilst providing you with secure access to all your corporate information at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

What is Your Portal Desktop?

With the next generation of Software as a Service (SaaS), Your Portal Desktop delivers all your Desktop software programs, such as Microsoft Office and Outlook; all your Voice and Mobility services, including Blackberry and iPhone; and all your simple or complex server hosting requirements, such as Accounting, ERP, CRM and industry specific or bespoke applications. All run at one of our secure data centres and all accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world. All you need is a data connection, an IP Phone and a basic PC, Laptop or Thin Client Terminal. No other IT or Voice infrastructure is needed.

You no longer need any on-site, in-house expertise managing your software, hardware or voice requirements. There is no need for costly in-house implementations; no need to buy any file servers or complex PABX telephony systems; and no need to maintain a complex server room. All your Information, Communications, Technology and Telecommunications are delivered as a Service from one of our professional grade data centres.

Your Portal Desktop is delivered to you as a service using your existing PC, laptop or Thin Client Terminal. There is no new software to purchase, maintain or upgrade. There is no incremental capital expenditure because Desktop On-Demand is simply charged per user per month, greatly reducing operating costs.

Your Portal Desktop offers you three core modules that can be used individually or collectively as part of the overall solution. Voice & Mobility On-Demand, Software On-Demand and Applications Hosting.

What are the Benefits if Your Portal Desktop?

You now have the opportunity, like many of our existing customer’s, to focus your time and effort on your core business and customer’s. The inherent risk of losing mission critical business information is removed because your information is being stored, backed-up, monitored and managed from our professional enterprise grade data centres.

The high capital costs of upgrading and maintaining your voice, desktop and server environments are reduced and converted into predictable monthly operating costs. You now have access to all your corporate information at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

  • No Upfront Costs, No Recurring Capital Costs
  • Standardised, Full Service Operating Environment
  • 24 x 7 Helpdesk and Support
  • Access to your Desktop from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Software, Pay Only for What You Use

What do our Customers say?

Thousands of companies worldwide, including Solicitors, Doctors, Accountants, Financial Services Organisations, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Transport, Retail and Travel companies have freed themselves from the cost, pain, risk, resource and cash drain of running in-house IT, Voice, Data Communications and Infrastructure.

Software On-Demand

Office Productivity Suite including Microsoft Office, e-mail and Unified Communications

PC’s and laptops are the lifeblood of many businesses. They provide the most simple, yet fundamental tools required to operate a business from creating documents and delivering customer presentations to emailing colleagues and collaborating with peers.

In most cases, business buy software licences outright, then spend considerable time and effort installing, upgrading, patching and maintaining the software on these PC’s and Laptops. All too often, PC’s and Laptops run very poorly within 3-6 months of acquisition because they are poorly maintained. The cost of running and maintaining a PC and Laptop is many times more than the cost of initial acquisition and becomes a continuous drain on resources.

When new software is released, the cost to upgrade that software is significant and often requires new hardware, putting a further drain on already tight cash flows. Most businesses have PC’s and Laptops running different versions of software, some of which are out of date and unsupported by the manufacturer and many are incompatible with each other – reducing efficiency, productivity and causing frustration.

Few businesses truly understand the financial and operational impact of losing a Laptop or having a PC fail due to a software malfunction or virus. Often, data is stored locally on PC’s and Laptops and not backed-up to an appropriate storage facility. Unfortunately, very few businesses implement robust, tried and tested, Disaster Recovery Plans. It’s a sobering thought that Gartner research shows that only 35% of small & medium business have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan and only 6% survive after a major data loss!

What is Software On-Demand?

Software On-Demand delivers the complete set of Office productivity tools as a Service to your Desktop. You simply login into the Desktop On-Demand system from any PC, Laptop or Thin client Terminal from anywhere in the world and all your Office Applications and all your data is instantly available to you. Your Office applications are always up to date, maintained and upgraded by a team of professionals dedicated to the task.

You have nothing to buy, nothing to maintain, receive upgrades automatically and simply pay per user per month.

With Software On-Demand, you choose the software applications you need to use to perform your daily office functions. Software On-Demand is divided into three categories, including:

Unified Communications

Unified Communications enable people to find, communicate and collaborate with other people instantly and securely. Unified Communications enable you to integrate and access all your IT, Voice, Data and Infrastructure needs anywhere, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Communications between people and companies are streamlined by bringing together e-mail, calendaring, voice mail, instant messenger and presence, VoIP, audio, video and web conferencing.

What are the Benefits of Software On-Demand?

When new upgrades are released, you receive them automatically at no extra cost.

There is no software licence fee to pay, no hardware to buy, no storage to buy, just a simple charge per user per month.

You software applications and data is protected by our industrial grade Security, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Firewalls. Small and Medium size business now benefit from professional and enterprise grade services that could not achieve on their own without considerable cost and effort.

Your data is highly secure because our Software On-Demand service operates with multiple levels of backup and recovery scenarios. You have access to your software applications and data quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

Application Hosting

Scale to meet your growing business needs

Our Applications Hosting service provides customers with a range of flexible hosting solutions that are tailored to meet your business and IT needs. By hosting your software applications within one of our seven data centres, you avoid the capital intensive costs of building and maintaining your own IT environment. You’ll benefit from the financial certainty and predictability knowing that you only pay for the services you use.

Today, our customers are hosting a range of services with us including:

Simple Static Web or FTP sites
CRM, ERP, Financial Systems, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Email and Messaging sites
Full dynamic E-Commerce applications infrastructure
Development, testing and production environments

What are the Benefits of Applications Hosting?

Our Applications Hosting service is designed to scale to meet your growing business needs. You’ll never need to worry about new hardware, software upgrades, patching, backups, storage or gaining access to highly skilled IT professionals because we’ll take care of that for you. Customers benefit from a range of security, virtualization, storage, database, backup, monitoring and professional services offerings.

Our Data Centres are geographically dispersed across Australia and operate over a highly secure and fully redundant Private (MPLS) Network. All Application Hosting services are replicated between Data Centres for complete failover and redundancy and are provided to you in a secure and cost effective manner. You can relax knowing that you can always gain access to your software and data from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

  • Citrix Application Delivery
  • Application Load Balancing
  • Direct Application Access via MPN
  • Portal Application Access via Internet
  • Redundant Network Architecture
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation
  • Anywhere, Anytime – Access
  • 3G Connection Compatible
  • Secure Access to Business Applications

Our team of technical experts provide around the clock monitoring and management of our Data Centres, Applications Hosting and infrastructure environments using world class management tools and IT Service Management procedures aligned to the ITIL framework. We provide lifecycle services that enable our customers to benefit from best practice design, managed implementation and ongoing applications and infrastructure optimisation.