About Us

Your Portal creates true partnerships where we become your back-office (our core competency) so you can put your time and resources into your core competence (the ‘product’, customer service, sales etc.).

Core Efficiency

Upon setup, we take time to understand a client’s individual terms and cycles correctly, tailoring solutions for payroll, invoicing, collections and purchase policy and thus create an ongoing efficiency for our relationship.

Custom software that schedules tasks provides the first level of efficiency in the transaction. These tasks become actions (tickets) that are traceable, which means nothing is ever lost.

Actions are provided to a specialist who switches from client-to-client, not task-to-task. The specialist is quicker at their core competence than you (99.99% of the time) giving the second level of efficiency to the transaction.

Once actioned by the specialist ‘pod member’ the data automatically updates the relevant accounting software (that you use) leading to further efficiency.

Our ‘pod’ structure gives you the right combination of CFO, accounting manager and transaction specialists so we can achieve company-wide efficiency in our business which we pass on to clients as lower prices.

Our History

Your Portal grew out of the e.Commerce Group of companies. A group formed by specialist technology consultants in 1995 to provide advisory and professional services to organisations and individuals in the eCommerce and IT arena.

Your Portal developed into a specialist business administration and accounting service for Small Business operators and contractors (both individuals and company). It was designed specifically to allow smaller business operations to focus on, and grow, their core business activities, whilst leaving the day-to-day business administration to a dedicated Your Portal Account Manager.

Nowadays Your Portal offers even more than a better way for small businesses to do their bookkeeping and administration. We also offer specialist CFO advice, cost reduction consultation, project management and access to quality providers and resources that enable you to do more.

Core Values

  • To be a trusted service delivering tangible value to our clients,
  • To acknowledge, at all times, the unique and confidential nature of each client’s business.
  • To work with our clients to grow successful businesses,
  • To maintain an exemplary level of customer service at all times,
  • To continuously improve the way we work with our clients, and exceed their expectations,
  • To avoid business activities that are peripheral and inconsistent with our values and our personal and professional standards,
  • To encourage initiative amongst staff by giving them responsibility and control over their work,
  • To reward staff according to their contribution to the business,
  • To achieve sustained growth by operating with realistic margins,
  • To continually enhance our reputation, and that of our partners, by being open to new and innovative ideas and technology.

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