Team + Talent Alternatives

Get better results for all your people including you

Better Performance

People are your greatest asset and most often your biggest expense. When you work with Your Portal, management of your human resources improves dramatically. With Your Portal as your partner we can assist you with performance improvement through appropriate reward and recognition opportunities / processes. This works in a very similar way to a credit card rewards program, but it rewards for appropriate behaviour. You only pay for the points you provide to staff – there is no setup fee or cost to administer the program. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Better Protection

As of July 1st a new Industrial Relations regime is in place and by 1st January 2010 further legislation will be rolled out. The implications of the new legislation are wide ranging and particularly affects small business owners. Moving forward employers will be compelled by law to provide workplace diversity & flexibility in work practices. For instance, an employer must provide justification to the employee why a work-from-home arrangement or job-sharing arrangement can’t be allowed (if it doesn’t suit), as distinct from an employee requesting such work conditions. The onus is now on the employer to do even more.

Managing Your Staff

Your Portal assumes that most small business owners (or their respective managers) are the HR team. Where ‘HR’ is a line management responsibility and is managed by non-HR professionals, it must be recognised that the environment is increasingly complex & legalistic. That is okay, but you would be wise to:

  • Give them the tools
  • Give them the support
  • Give them HR services ‘on-demand’ / ‘just-in-time’.